Who We Are

Cardiac Life Science is an American Heart Association Authorized Provider; Servicing the Mid-Atlantic States. With over 15 years of medical experience, partnering with the USAF Medical team, we aim to educate individuals with the knowledge to effectively provide life saving skills. which will in turn help to reduce the number of deaths occuring due to emergencies in our community. We are dedicated to making a difference in every life we encounter, either through rescue efforts or through our educational programs.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is prepared by the American Heart Association. All textbooks, cd-roms, al-gorithms and Certificates are by the American Heart Association. The courses includes lectures and hands on skills, which the student is expected to successfully complete. Most of the courses also include written exams. Students are expected to pass all components. Certificates will be presented on the same day of successful completion of each course component. We are committed to excellence in all the services we provide, while equipping individuals with the knowledge and the skills needed to rapidly respond to emergencies within their level of training.